Neurodivergent designed & delivered SEND Training for Families and Professionals.

Neurodivergent designed & delivered SEND Training for Families and Professionals.


Neurodivergent designed & delivered SEND Training for Families and Professionals.

Hi and Welcome 

Who am I?

I am a neurodivergent with over thirty-five years of personal and professional experience in Neurodivergency, Autism, ADHD, Additional Needs, disabilities, and SEND; and twenty in designing and delivering training, management, and varying roles working with children. I added family support with an integrated approach to my Disability, Equality, and SEN law training to better support multiple areas of need. I’m fully insured (private indemnity and public liability), qualified, and trained, including DBS & Safeguarding level 3 in Children/Young People, and level 2 in adults. 

In addition to the above my working background is in developing and delivering training within a national photography company of which I was an Area Trainer for the SW area. I’ve over 20 years working in Training and management roles.

What we Do:

  • We offer integrated, tailored support for neurodivergent families, schools, and professionals. 
  • Trained in Early Help, and Graduated response. 

Our training is delivered by neurodivergent professionals. 

  • We offer training on autism, sensory, executive functions, masking, and EHCP’s. 
  • We offer training to Families, Professionals, and Schools, at competitive prices. 
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Based in Devon, SW; primarily covering Exeter, Mid and East Devon. Virtual sessions are available throughout the U.K.  I follow the Autism Education Framework and the Core Capabilities Framework for supporting Autistic People. 

A fundamental part of my business foundation is that I am an autistic parent carer of two Neurodivergent children with opposing additional needs. My eldest is autistic (PDA profile) with Auditory (APD) and Sensory (SPD) Processing Disorders, Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Social Anxiety, Sleep difficulties, Restricted Sensory Aversive eating, Selective Mutism, and suspected ADD. My youngest is asthmatic, with Sensory, Auditory & Visual Processing Needs, functional bladder/ bowel needs, suspected dyspraxia, and awaiting an autism assessment; my own Tigger Tornado.  

Being an autistic adult has helped me better understand my children’s needs. I have bilateral sensorial hearing loss (completely deaf on one side), APD/SPD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, HEDS (a connective tissue disorder), and hypermobility. Prior to having children, I worked as an Area Trainer for a national family photographic company; a children's nanny, club security, and in childcare. 

My Ausome Girl blog 

 My Ausome Girls AutieCulture latest blog. 

PDA- Tracker Diary  

Ausome Girls AutieCulture 


Online advice for Families is free* 

We are COVID compliant. 

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Professionals seeking advice for one of their clients must provide written consent from their client,  in accordance with our safeguarding policy and legislative duties.

Professionals, please see our professionals

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Accredited Courses and Training

  • Full Enhanced DBS checked. 
  • Level 3 Safeguarding Children/Young people.
  • Level 2 in safeguarding adults.
  • MASH, and whistle-blowing (renewed annually). 
  • HSE First Aid trained renewed 17/07/21
  • Fully Insured, including Private Indemnity and Public Liability.



  • SEN Law.- All levels  (IPSEA 1,2,3)
  • Anxiety Disorders and ADHD Recovery. (accredited by National Counselling Society)
  • GirlGuiding Safe Space training levels 1-3 
  • Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing in Children & Young People. 
  • SEND Diploma levels 1,2,3 & 4. 

All Training is CPD Accredited. 

  • ADHD Awareness. 
  • Allergy Trained, including EPI pen trained.
  • Autism and Anxiety 
  • Autism Awareness.  
  • Autism and Social Needs. 
  • BSL levels 1
  • Challenging Behaviours. 
  • Child Psychology 
  • Depression, Trauma, Child Counselling.
  • EHCP Training, and legislation. 
  • Emotional Regulation and Interoception
  • Food, Health & Hygiene certificate. 
  • HOPE ASD/ADHD Parent Carer Course completed. 
  • HOPE (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively) Course Facilitator trained. 
  • Hunrosa Sleep Training. 
  • NAS Autism Awareness.  
  • NAS Autism in Women
  • Nutrition Awareness. 
  • PDA Awareness.  
  • Play Therapy.
  • Risk Assessment Trained. 
  • Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness. (2 CPD accredited courses, and I do annual refreshers). 
  • Sensory Processing Behaviours/ Triggers in the classroom. 
  • Supporting Translating Child/Young Voices views across.
  • Trained in Early Help, Devon Graduated Framework, Right for Children, MASH.
  • Understanding Executive Functions. 
  • Understanding and Applying Sensory Processing.
  • Understanding the role of an Educational Psychologist. 
  • Working Memory and strategies to support it. 
  • Trained in  AET (Autism Education  Trust) progression framework. 
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